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Paulo Cordeiro Coaching Pessoal

Cura interior e empoderamento masculino e feminino
através da reconexão com o corpo e emoções

Hi! I'm Paulo, Life Coach. How can I support you on your journey?

Past traumatic experiences have created a disconnection with our body and emotions, or in other words, a disconnection with who we really are and our free expression. This disconnection has caused certain emotions and parts of us to be repressed and suppressed. Over time, this accumulated energy and stress creates a dysregulated and unbalanced nervous system, and this can lead to various consequences: anxiety, depressive states, lack of energy, insecurity, feelings of loneliness and inadequacy, low self-esteem and even chronic pain are just a few examples.

In the integrative & somatic life coaching sessions, my goal is to help men and women reconnect with their bodies and emotions, with their essence and authenticity, in a safe, empathetic and skillful way. When this is the case, the body can find the free expression it so desperately craves, and with that we return to a state of emotional, physical and energetic balance. For me, there is no greater priority than feeling good in our own bodies. When we achieve this inner and emotional balance, we experience greater confidence and energy, which allows us to create deep and harmonious connections with those we desire and to create the lifestyle we value most.

If you're interested in a lasting transformation in your personal and emotional life, as well as a feeling of greater inner freedom, autonomy and independence, I'm here to guide you on that journey.

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my approach to coaching

In the 1:1 Coaching sessions that I carry out, it is essential that you feel that you are in a safe space where you can share or express those things that are often not accepted in the outside world. It is the things that we learn to keep and hide that are responsible for many of the symptoms that are present in our lives.


What I do is guide you in a simple, safe and skillful way, so that you can begin to rescue and reconnect with your energy, your body and your emotional world. When this is the case, that energy (feelings or emotions) that has been blocked, suppressed or repressed, can begin to find its natural expression, and in this way the body returns to a state of emotional, energetic and physical balance.


The result of this is a feeling of greater fulfillment, confidence and inner freedom. Emotional integration is the process of accepting and returning to include what we have learned to reject. The Online or In-person Coaching sessions, and this entire process of personal and emotional transformation, is carried out at each person's pace, as each person has their own life story, their challenges, traumatic experiences and unique personality.


Returning to a state of emotional balance positively impacts and influences all areas of our lives. We just need to be willing to want to feel free in our own body.

Paulo Cordeiro Coaching Pessoal

some kind words

testemunhos sessões de coaching
Paulo is fantastic. He led me down a path of self-knowledge, acceptance of self-love, and discovery of what is really important to me, totally transforming my approach to life

Tatiana Octávio, Integrative Therapist

Testemunho sessões de coaching online
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About me

Over the years I have certified in several areas such as NLP Master Coaching, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Time Line Therapy, Life Purpose Coaching, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Shiatsu, as well as participating in Osho Humaniversity.

During my self-development journey, I also gained experience in areas such as Psychology, Trauma, Body and Somatic Therapy, Meditation, Ayurveda, Yoga, among others.

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Paulo Cordeiro Coaching Pessoal
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ebook grátis coaching emocional e integrativo


11 daily habits to feel safe and free in your own body

Páginas: 47

Formato: eBook (Portuguese Language)
Autor: Paulo Cordeiro

Resumo: If we really want to feel free and safe in our own bodies, to express ourselves naturally and live according to what we value most, we need to create the conditions for our nervous system to return to a state of balance and regulation. The deregulation of our nervous system, largely the result of accumulated stress and traumatic experiences, leads to a series of symptoms and directly affects different areas of our lives, our perceptions, behaviors and the way we feel. This eBook is an invitation to start reconnecting with your body and emotions right now, cultivating different habits that will help regulate and balance your nervous system, rescue your personal power and energy, and create a greater sense of security and inner freedom.


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