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Integrative e somatic coaching program
Life coaching Portugal

8 individual sessions

Online or in-person coaching program. 1:1 sessions with Paulo Cordeiro. 60 days of personal and emotional transformation

ebook letting go

eBook "Letting go"

In addition to what you will practice in this coaching program, you will receive a manual that explains in detail how to 'let go' of past emotions and feelings

coaching program support via whatsapp

Support via WhatsApp

Whenever you need it, you have access to support via WhatsApp throughout the 60 days of the program, directly with Paulo Cordeiro

A somatic & integrative approach

Coaching Reconnection Program

This somatic and integrative coaching program focuses on working not only with the rational and conscious mind but also with the wisdom of the body and emotions, aiming to help the body return to a state of physical, emotional, and energetic balance and to create a greater sense of resilience and empowerment. When we feel more connected to our body, its natural impulses, and emotions, we also feel more energy and clarity to create the lifestyle we value most, and we are more open and available to connect with other people. The figure below shows you what you can expect from sessions with me in this program:

1. Safety: It's crucial, above all, to begin by creating feelings of safety within the body, enabling access to its sensations and emotions. This is where you'll spend most of your time—helping your nervous system return to a state of balance and developing the capacity and resilience to process different emotional states and energies. To achieve this, we can engage in some somatic exercises or pose reflective questions to help you develop a greater awareness of your body, sensations, and emotions. Consequently, you'll start to feel more connected and secure in your own body, understanding it in a more integral and holistic way. You'll also learn some practices to carry out between our sessions.

2. Connection: As you begin to feel more secure in your body, it will become easier to recognize its different emotions and sensations. In doing so, you're helping your nervous system become more accurate about what is actually happening internally, thus enhancing its sense of security. For example, if we feel apathetic, it often signifies a disconnection from our emotions, and by recognizing them within our body, we are also reconnecting with it. Behind anxiety, there may be emotions that aren't being acknowledged, such as sadness, fear, excitement, anger, etc. The more precise you become in identifying these emotions, the more signals of security and connection your nervous system receives.

Each emotion is associated with an impulse. For example, in anger, the impulse may be to hit, kick, or shout. In sadness, it may involve curling up in a fetal position or crying. In fear, it might be to flee. This connection with your body will allow you to begin recognizing these impulses and which ones you've learned are "not allowed." Due to our traumatic experiences, some of our impulses may be blocked or suppressed. For one person, it may be difficult to cry, while for another, it might be challenging to say No or speak more assertively, or to leave a situation that makes them feel insecure. When the energy of these natural impulses is suppressed, we feel more insecure about expressing our authenticity and truth.

3. Expression: As you build these foundations of safety and connection, you'll begin to feel more comfortable expressing what was previously blocked. So, it's time to start allowing that energy to be expressed. This could involve crying when you couldn't before, saying No, or respecting your limits and needs. It might also mean distancing yourself from people or situations that don't serve you well and seeking out where you feel more nurtured. You're restoring free expression to the body and empowering yourself with that energy. There's nothing wrong with our emotions or their impulses. Problems arise when they're not available to us when we need them (which makes us feel disempowered). We just need to help the body and nervous system feel the safety and capacity necessary to begin expressing them.

What can you expect from these 60 days

Connecting with your body, its natural impulses, and emotions

 Learning to regulate the nervous system and return to a state of inner and emotional balance

Connecting with and safely expressing those emotions or parts of yourself that have been repressed or suppressed

Learning to "let go" and process past emotions in a natural and safe way

Moving out from anxiety and depression, that's controlling your life

Learning somatic practices, and acquiring profound tools to use whenever needed

Starting to move away from current protective patterns (those that leave you feeling stuck and in survival mode)

Knowing how to ground yourself in the present moment, and thereby cultivating a sense of safety in the body

Developing emotional maturity and learning to set boundaries

Learning to use everyday triggers to heal emotional wounds and traumas

Opening your heart (gradually) to feel more joy, love, and connection with yourself and others around you

Knowing how to love and respect yourself more

(in practice)


Reclaiming your authenticity, free expression, and personal power


 Taking responsibility for your emotions and behaviors, respecting your needs, and honoring your desires

Living in alignment with your most authentic values

Making decisions from a more truthful and empowered place (rather than from survival mode and fear)

Discovering how to feel safe and free in your own body

Between sessions, some "homework" may be suggested so that you can become more autonomous and independent on your journey

WhatsApp support whenever you need it throughout the program.


Coaching Somático
Deixar ir

Letting go

We often hear about "let go" certain feelings or emotions, but in fact most of us don't really understand what that means and how to put it into practice. Currently, the vast majority, whenever a more intense emotion or feeling arises (e.g. anger, fear, guilt, shame, sadness) either repress it and find a strategy to not deal with it or, they lose themselves for a long time in the feeling and act according to it.

We can only "let go" of a certain feeling or emotion when we recognize it, that is, when it becomes conscious. It is not possible to release a repressed emotion, while at the same time not wanting to see or feel it. 

The first step is to be willing to recognize what we have been avoiding. But because we've been doing it for so long, we don't really know what we're hiding. And for this to happen it is necessary to bring this energy (emotion or feeling) that has been hidden, to the light of consciousness.

"Letting go or surrendering a feeling is when we allow it to be present without being condemned or judged, or without resisting it.

During the program, you will discover how it works in practice, as well as you will receive a manual that explains in detail how you can digest or "let go" those emotions that you feel are most challenging to face. 


Letting go ebook

Feel a greater connection with your body

Feel more grounded and empowered

Knowing how to honor your needs and desires

Knowing how to be in the "present moment"

Feeling more free to express your true self

Feeling a greater sense of tranquility and inner peace

Having tools that you can continue to apply in your daily life


Developing a sense of greater autonomy and independence

Feeling energized to do the things that are important to you

Feeling emotionally balanced, light, grounded, and aware

When you reach the end of the program, you will...

método deixar ir

"Let go"


Discover how to surrender or "let go" of old emotions and feelings

Rotina diária

Daily routine

With all the tools you will get, you will be able to create your daily routine, to help you reconnect with the present moment

Consciência somática



Reconnect with your body, feelings and emotions

oferta de ebook

eBook offer

ebook offer with the "Let Go" method

Escrita honesta

Honest writing

Learn how you can integrate emotions and feelings through writing

apoio por whatsapp

Support via whatsapp

Whenever you need, you have support via WhatsApp during the program

What is included and what is the investment?



8 Individual Sessions 1:1 (In-person* or Online) of 90 minutes each 


(price for Online sessions)

eBook with the "Letting Go" method


Support via whatsapp during the program


Total investment of the coaching program


579 €

*the total cost of the program is foreseen for online sessions. If you want face-to-face sessions, there will be an additional charge of €10 per session

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want in-person sessions instead of Online?
If you want some or all to be in person, add a fee of €10 to each session. 

How does Whatsapp support work?
During the program and if you feel necessary, you can send me your question or doubt via written message, video or audio, and I will respond as quickly as possible.

And if I want more sessions after the program, how does it work?
If you later feel the need to have another session following the program, the cost of each individual session is lower than a normal individual session during the first year. When you ask me for information about the value of the program, this information is also present.

What if I don't want to deal with certain emotions?
Emotions are energy or sensations that we feel in our body. They don't hurt us. It is only their suppression or repression that has harmful consequences. During the program you will learn a simple way to let them come and let go. All of this will increase your level of confidence so you can deal with certain emotional states.

Can I pay for the program in installments?
If you have the possibility, it is preferable to pay in full as it increases the level of commitment to you and the results you want to have. This happens unconsciously. We tend to value more and therefore pay more attention, which is an investment on our part. If you still really want to do the program and you don't have the financial means right now, send me a message so we can find a solution.


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