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What can I expect from a Life Coaching session?
Life coaching sessions can differ between various professionals. In the sessions I conduct, you can expect first of all a safe place where you will be able to rescue and empower yourself from those parts of you that have been rejected or lost in time. For this I can ask you some questions that will help you deepen your reflection and reconnect with your own body and its feelings. I may suggest some somatic and grounding exercises, NLP exercises, among others. All of this will allow you to start to feel more and more secure in your own body and consequently with more energy and with a feeling of greater inner freedom.

What is Integrative and Somatic Coaching?

Integrative and somatic coaching is an approach that combines coaching with integrative and somatic principles and practices. Let's understand each of these terms separately:

Soma: The term "soma" refers to the body in its entirety - mind, body and spirit. Somatic practices focus on body awareness and experience, recognizing the interconnection between physical sensations, emotions and thoughts.

Integration: Integration, in this context, refers to the fusion or combination of different approaches or techniques to create a more comprehensive and effective approach. In integrative and somatic coaching, there is an integration of different methods or techniques with somatic practices to help clients access a deeper understanding of themselves and achieve their goals in a more holistic way. In the context of my sessions, the term integrative also refers to the integration of past emotions that have been repressed or suppressed.

In short, integrative and somatic coaching sessions focus on working not only with the client's rational mind, but also with the wisdom of the body and emotions, to help the body return to a state of physical, emotional and energetic balance, so that each client can achieve the goals they value most.

What results will I get from a life coaching session?
These are some of the results that are shared the most by customers:
Feeling of inner freedom and empowerment
Inner tranquility and rootedness
A feeling of greater connection to your body and emotions
Feel emotionally balanced and light
Knowing how to be in the so-called "present moment"
Feel more energy to do the things they value most
Self-confidence, self-esteem, and a natural feeling of joy
Being able to connect with new people
Begin to bring to life their desires and dreams
How do I know if having life coaching sessions is right for me?
If you've landed on this page, it's probably because there's something that's preventing you from experiencing greater joy, inner peace, or freedom. Or maybe a feeling of feeling blocked or stagnant. Or maybe you may experience various symptoms such as anxiety or depressive states, among others. Whatever it is, the life coaching sessions I do are to help you reconnect with who you really are, with your body and emotions. And in my experience, that's what most of us really want: to feel free in our own body.
How long is each session?
Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes
What investment is required to get started with the sessions?
In Person 1:1 Sessions 90€
Online 1:1 Sessions 80€
8-session Reconnection Program (
click here)
How many sessions are needed?
It is possible to have only one session or you can join the Reconnection program with 8 individual sessions.
There are several clients who just want to have one session. Others, after the individual session, decide to join the program. 
What do I need to  get started?
Just get in touch with me here
If you still have questions, we can schedule a free 15-minute video call where you can share any questions you may have
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