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1:1 session

Sessão coaching pessoal
Sessão coaching pessoal
Sessão coaching pessoal

We´ve learned to hide emotions and parts of ourselves that we interpret as unacceptable. We´ve hide them so well that we forgot where they are. Over time, all these unexpressed and repressed emotions will manifest themselves in different ways. They can manifest themselves as anxiety, depression ,migraines, chronic pain and even illnesses. We try every way we can to change these symptoms, but it ends up not having a lasting result, as we continue to avoid looking at what we have learned to hide.  

These supressed and repressed feelings, end up determining our belief system and our perception of ourselves, and consequently what we attract into our lives. 

So, to feel more free in our own bodys, feel more joy, peace, and live in alignment with the things and people that are really important to us, we need to make the decision to be willing to no longer run away from ourselves and our emotions.  

The individual session is a space safe where you will have the possibility of rescuing those parts of yourself that had been ignored, rejected and forgotten. This way you will feel more complete and more grounded in who you really are. Confidance, empowerment, freedom, happiness or inner peace, are just natural consequences, when we are willing to integrate and embrace the parts of us that have been forgotten in time. To me, this is what we call Self Love. 


Online 1:1 Sessions
(Skype ou Whatsapp)

80€  (90min)

In Person 1:1 Sessions

90€  (90min)

Reconnection Program
(8 sessions)

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