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Paulo Cordeiro Coaching Pessoal

Fear and the feeling that there was something wrong with me were part of my experience for many years. At the age of four, I was already telling my mother that I was "afraid of everything". Over the years, due to a lack of maturity and awareness, I tried to hide my fear and sense of inadequacy as best I could, without really realizing that I was doing it. I even had panic attacks, felt a lot of anxiety and took pills for depression.

Over time, I unconsciously looked for ways to compensate for this fear and seek the security I needed. I looked for it in various relationships, some long-term and others occasional, I looked for it in various jobs I had and I also looked for it in spirituality, believing that if I managed to be a certain way, I would feel happy and at peace. Yes, none of this worked, but I gained a lot of maturity, experience and awareness along the way. I became very aware of the patterns in which I acted and which served to hide me and the parts of me that I thought were wrong.

In 2017, I felt that my life began to take a different path. A truer and more honest path, but even so I found a way of wanting to bypass and not deal with the emotions and thoughts I had learned to hide. During this period I specialized in various areas, read a lot of books and had many experiences both in Portugal and in Europe. I can say that I had some very good moments where that feeling of freedom and joy was being reborn, but then, without realizing it again, I fell into habitual patterns and after a while I had a burnout. The attempt to always do more, and the continual avoidance of my emotions and needs, led my body to say "enough is enough".


I even spent three months at home sick and with a lot of pain in my body, and I didn't even have the energy to do the things I used to do more easily. Chronic pain, digestive problems, migraines, apathy, anxiety, restless nights and feeling like I didn't have the energy to do the things I wanted to do were just some of the symptoms that were very present.


Today, I can say that it was the best thing that ever happened to me, because it forced me to stop running away from myself, and to learn to respect and honor my needs. It made me start to reconnect with my body and my emotions. As I made this internal journey, I was amazed at how it was possible to have lived for so many years disconnected from my body, in survival mode. Helping my body to self-regulate its nervous system became my top priority. After practicing and experimenting with a lot of things, I discovered what worked best and helped me feel safer. In addition, I distanced myself from some people and began to connect with others, I changed some daily habits and also my priorities. I knew that if I wanted to feel free in my own body again, I needed to make important decisions that would help my nervous system return to a natural state of balance. My way of looking at life began to change and this whole process of self-discovery and transformation led to me discovering parts of myself that I had learned to repress and suppress (and which I am still discovering), and also to my nervous system gradually becoming more resilient, and with it feeling more balanced, empowered and grounded.

This is what I invite you to do in my sessions. In a skillful, empathetic and safe way, I guide men and women on this journey of reconnection with the free expression of each person. To support each person in this process of self-regulation of their nervous system, so that it can process past energy that has become blocked and stagnant, and so that the body can return to a natural state of emotional, energetic and physical balance. 

Our entire life experience is dictated by the state of our nervous system. By reconnecting with our body and emotions, we are building a resilient, empowered nervous system capable of dealing with the adversities of everyday life. As a result, all areas of our lives begin to improve. We feel calm but energized, more confident and with a sense of personal power, and more independent and autonomous to create the lifestyle we really value.


NLP Master Coaching Certification

NLP Master Practitioner Certification

NLP Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner Certification

Life Purpose Coaching Certification

Certification in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy by DGERT

Shiatsu Therapist Certification by IMT Lisbon

Participation in Osho Humaniversity - School for Masters

Over the years I have gained experience in this different areas
(Self development)



Body Therapy (Bioenergetics)

Somatic Education 


Active meditations



Paulo Cordeiro Coaching Pessoal
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